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Amanda I'm updating for you!

EVERYONE HAS TO SEE THE NOTEBOOK!!! Its the most romantic love story of all time. wow! So last night me amanda and ayla went to westwood to see it. I'm soo excited that they're openinig an urban outfitters there. yayyy

I have been shopping so much lately damn. like yesterday my mom took me to the cal mart downtown. I got soo much stuff there and finally found out where they sell juicy, da-nang, you know, all those brands. gosh i love summer!
OO Anna and v, we have to play tennis soon! kkk??? :)

Tomarrow I"m going to Camp Bravo for a week with Savannnah and Jackie. Can't wait!@ Mustttt packkk!!! Miss y'all (how do you spelll that?!_
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