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My body is now covered in bruises and extremely sore! oy veY!

THis weekend was soo much fun. After my dance rehersal Friday, Sierra came over, we watched the Laker game, and walked my fat scary doggie. Then eventaullly Genevieve, Savannah, and Denielle came over. G's ex's friends came. Only expected 3 to come but they brought 10!!!! !0 ghetto guys in my house. One was begging me to let him smoke pot in my backyard. I was like hell no!!! But he did anyways.It got really boring so savannah decided to pretend the police were here. All the guys and poor D hid in my bathroom. " We just had a cock party!" haha funny. So they got the impression that we wanted them to leave. haha
Then we called Mike who bought us Smirnoff ice the best drink ever!!! haha we got sooo drunk. I have so many bruises. I ended up sleeping in my sisters bed. weird. Saturday this perverted FOX executive or whatever wanted to discover us. Went ot jamba cause it supposedly cures hangovers. It doesn't really cause i still have one!!! Sorta. Had a dance recital nearly died of lack of sleep. we did pretty well but today was the best!!!! Good jOB GUYS!!!!!!!! I love ya!!!!!!!!!!

tomarrow is monday. 4 more weeks till summer!!! Wahooooooooooooooooooooooo

o I'm now a vegetarian after seeing a deady rat on my porch! Disgusting!!!!!
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