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Fo SHooooo

I haven't updated in awhile whoah.... Today was totally ghettoooooo to the max. Well kinda. Got out at 12;26...whats up with the time? ha Genevieve and I walked on Venice to get In-n-out and starbucks yummmm my favorite! Then I went shopping all by myself just to get savannah a b-day present. It was totally worth it though ha! I really like the feeling of independence.
O! Whoa my parentals went to open house and Big Red (Mrs. Redlin) said I was creative??? haha Ms. Grandela said I talked to much ....i can't help but blab when all my friends are in the same class!!! O well.....

Yay can't wait for this weekend!!!!! Vannah's b-day party! woot woot! It's gonna be crazy drinking 7-up i mean.... lol

hmm...it seems that unlike most everyone who has a lj, i'm happy with my life.....i suppose....

yay finally learned how to say Do you have a piece of paper in francaise!
today the friends episode that I watched being taped live was shown! It was soo funny.
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who the hell says "ghettoooooo to the max"
who is this???
you've gotta join! made it myself...bigfishinapond